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In adults, higher blood levels of EPA/DHA omega-3 have been associated with a significantly lower risk for psychological distress, depression, cognitive impairment, age-related dementia, certain cancers and various other disorders.

The OmegaScore® is a very strong indicator of the risk for sudden cardiac death based on published studies from the Harvard School of Public Health in the New England Journal of Medicine.1 Furthermore, a high OmegaScore® is related to a reduced risk for “all-cause mortality”2 and “cognitive deterioration with aging”3; all of which will be provided to you in an easy to interpret report.

If the lab results indicate a low OmegaScore®, individuals can initiate an increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids from food sources (e.g. fish/seafood) and/or supplements containing EPA/DHA. If the latter intake modifications are done on a regular basis, one can expect their OmegaScore® to be favourably altered to be in the low risk zone for the above health conditions. Re-testing can be done after 4-8 weeks to confirm entry into the “low risk” zones.

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OmegaScore Test

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