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Online Consultation Package

Includes 2 Sessions + BeChamp Health Package

Step 1: Book your first appointment. 60 minutes

Payment is due upon booking.

Step 2: You will receive two forms via email:

1) Lifestyle Assessment, and

2) Symptomatology Questionnaire.

These forms are to be completed and emailed to Cindy within 24 hours.

1st Appointment 60 Minutes:

During the first appointment there is an intake process to review and address your concerns and health goals. We will then establish short and long term goals, and discuss strategies to lower toxicity (emotional, physical, chemical, and stress) as well as improve nutrition where needed.

2nd Appointment 60 Minutes:

Between the first and second appointment, Cindy will prepare the BeChamp Health Package for you! This package includes diet and lifestyle recommendations tailored specifically to your health concerns, and to support your objectives. This will be presented at the second appointment.

The first and second appointments are generally booked 1 week apart.


Cindy explains the protocol with diet, supplement (if needed), stress and emotional balancing practice aids, and lifestyle recommendations.


The BeChamp Health Package includes:

   • A sample menu will be provided and explained in detail 

   • In addition, recipes may be provided 

   • A clean eating table (food list)

   • In the case when yoga, breathing exercises, and/or meditation exercises are recommended, these will be explained and in some cases, links to exercise videos will be given.

Follow-up Sessions

Touch base to ensure the initial protocol was effective and to make any changes according to health outcome. Often, a detox or cleanse regimen can follow at the second consultation to enable the body to cleanse additional toxins from the protocol. Follow-up sessions are about accountability. Appointments will be scheduled as often as required for optimal support and success. In some cases it may be recommended to meet every two weeks initially, then four weeks, and gradually reduce frequency as needed. Regular appointments ensure that you are progressing on track and achieving the desired results.


Free Discovery

Not sure if you should invest in a BeChamp Health Plan? Book a quick call so that I can assess your health concerns and goals, and share with you how we can help. We'll discuss what we offer to help you rebalance your dietary needs to optimize digestion and assimilation of nutrients, balance body chemistry (PH) to lower inflammation, to help with stress management and lower toxicity. You can ask questions about what is included in the consultation service and how we can follow up weekly to ensure accountability and dynamic changes to your protocol.

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