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How to Cleanse from Hormone Disruptors: A Comprehensive Approach
How to Cleanse from Hormone Disruptors: A Comprehensive Approach

Thu, Sep 12


Virtual Event

How to Cleanse from Hormone Disruptors: A Comprehensive Approach

This workshop will cover toxins that disrupt our hormones including parasites and offer solutions to do parasite cleanse Participating in mental diet by limiting or eliminating thoughts (internal toxins) and social media, social circle (external toxins)

Time & Location

Sep 12, 2024, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Virtual Event

About the event

Detoxing from Toxins and Hormone Disruptors: A Comprehensive Approach 

Workshop Duration: 2 Hours Outline 

1. Introduction 

  • Welcome and Introduction of the Speaker
  • Overview of Workshop Goals
  • Brief Participant Introductions

Handout: Workshop Agenda and Key Points Summary

2. Understanding Toxins and Hormone Disruptors 

  • Common Toxins Found in Everyday Life
  • How Toxins Disrupt Hormone Function
  • Impact of Parasites on Hormone Health

Activity: Interactive Discussion on Personal Exposure to Toxins

Handout: Toxins and Hormone Disruptors Fact Sheet

3. Solutions for Detoxing from Toxins

  • Importance of Detoxification for Hormone Balance
  • Strategies for Reducing Toxin Exposure in Daily Life
  • Tips for Supporting the Body's Natural Detoxification Processes

Handout: Tips for Detoxing from Toxins

4. Parasite Cleanse Protocol

  • Understanding Parasites and Their Impact on Health
  • Protocol for Parasite Cleanse and Elimination
  • Natural Remedies and Supplements for Parasite Cleansing

5. Mental Diet - What do you feed your mind?

1. What are internal mental toxins?

2. What are external mental toxins?

3. How to reduce/eliminate from your life

4. Explore which you expose yourself to regularly and how long everyday


  • VIP

    This ticket includes handouts and a FREE meal plan for hormone and mental health!

    +$1.13 service fee



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