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Meet Cindy

Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach

Hi and welcome! I'm a registered holistic nutritionist, yoga instructor, and health coach. For over 20 years before I made this career change, I was working in engineering, marketing, training, and management in the corporate world. So how did I end up here?

Like many of you, I didn't grow up making smoothies, eating organic food, or doing yoga. My parents worked really hard and focused on earning money to provide for us and to have enough for the future. I watched my mom work long hours at home, as a seamstress, with little time to relax and focus on self care. Taking time to have fun, to exercise, or go out with friends were not a priority for her.  My mother pushed through many headaches as she stayed up to work and meet deadlines. When I was in my teenage years, my mother had suffered from cancer and passed away when I was 19. It was a very stressful time, and I spent many years after that, carrying guilt and sadness, and didn't know how to manage these negative emotions. I also struggled with the fear of getting sick, as if this could happen randomly to me. If it happened to my mom, then what if it happens to me?

At the time, I didn’t understand how negative emotions and toxins could contribute to illness, and didn't know much about nutrition or prevention. Not long after that, I had developed an ovarian cyst on my left side, and had it surgically removed. I then carried on with my life; worked on my career, got married, and had children... but without changing any of my eating habits and without knowledge about proper self care, the cyst returned 10 years later, just after my son was born, and this time it was 12 cm in diameter! My doctor insisted that I stop breastfeeding and prepare for surgery. This was a big Aha! moment for me because I realized that what I was doing, allowed this cyst to return and surgery wasn’t going to be a permanent solution – it could come back if I didn’t make some major changes in my lifestyle and diet. I didn't want to stop breastfeeding and thought there had to be a better way. I decided to break my pattern and take a holistic approach. I struggled with a lot of trial and error, and did lots of research. I was determined to radically change my lifestyle one small step at a time. I exercised more, cleaned up my diet, and studied to become a yoga teacher. Yoga helped me focus on letting go of negative emotions, and get connected to my spirituality.  My cyst gradually shrank but still did not go away completely and I still had hormonal issues, and acne.

A few years after I started this health journey, one of my best friends was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I started researching various cancer protocols and learned about toxins and how this affects our mind and body. Many cancer protocols included holistic nutrition, emotional healing and detoxification. As I studied, I began to apply these principles, and began rebalancing my hormones and cleared my acne. I lost weight, and best of all completely reversed the ovarian cyst without surgery (last ultrasound confirmed that there was no more signs of the cyst!). Removing my mercury fillings (which were in my teeth since I was 15 years old) were one of many key toxins that were removed in my healing journey.

I remember when I sat with my friend during her final days at the hospital, I had flashbacks and memories of my mother who was also treated at the same hospital. It was a full circle moment where I had the same sense of hopelessness, and at that moment, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I needed to do something with my knowledge to help people live healthier lives.  If my mom and my friend knew then what I know now, maybe they would still be alive. I felt a calling to do something meaningful with this experience and to honor their lives and pay it forward. That’s when I decided to quit my job, and study holistic nutrition. Today I no longer fear getting sick, because I know that I have the tools and methods to take care of my body and prevent disease.  

My current mission is to share this information and key strategies with you to support and help you thrive in your wellness journey, prevent disease and take back control of your health.  Just like a Financial Advisor will help you plan for your retirement income, I can help you develop a Health Plan to ensure you have good health to enjoy TODAY, and to be there for the retirement of your dreams!

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