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Having digestive challenges? Are you look for a guide to help you understand the foundations of a healthy gut so that you can take the steps to support and maintain gut health?

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Understanding the Basics of Gut Health

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    • Gut Health Basics 
    • Understanding Good Gut Health 
    • Main Functions of Good Gut Bacteria
    • What is Dysbiosis and Candidiasis? 
    • How do Dysbiosis and Candidiasis Develop? 
    • What is “Leaky Gut”? 
    • Foods to Support Gut Health 
    • Fermented Foods 
    • Prebiotic Foods to Feed Residential Bacteria 
    • Nutrients For The Gut 
    • Do You Want to Try Fermenting? 
    • How To Make Milk Kefir
    • How To Make Beet Kvass 
    • Fermenting Legumes
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