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Green Smoothie for Gut Health and Adrenal Support

3 Minutes

2 Servings


👋 What is the first drink of your day?
Most of my clients start their day with coffee, and they suffer from fatigue and low energy… even though coffee ☕️ is not a direct cause for fatigue (sleep, diet, exercise, stress, all play a role) but it’s a vicious cycle because they feel that they need the caffeine for energy but in fact, it depletes them of minerals and stresses their adrenals even more.
Here are 2 easy consecutive drinks that you can try first thing in the morning for 2 weeks to cleanse, hydrate, and nourish you. Start your morning with either lukewarm water (with fresh lemon juice – preferable but optional).
Then follow with a green smoothie to give you energy (after a workout or after your lemon water).
You can then have your coffee later in the morning as you start working, or early afternoon after lunch. This way, you are not stressing your adrenals with caffeine first thing in the morning, and further dehydrating your system with the diuretic properties of coffee.

Green Smoothie for Gut Health and Adrenal Support


  • Blend until smooth

  • Makes 2 tall glasses

How to make

Proper hydration, diet, combined with a healthy sleep schedule, can help you support your adrenals and increase energy levels. Message me if you want some support on this! 💪🤗🥰


  • 2 handful of Spinach

  • ½ green apple (and 1/2 banana if you want more sweet creamy texture)

  • 3/4 cup water and 3/4 cup coconut water

  • 1 Tbs Kefir (or Greek yogurt or sprinkle with probiotic)

  • Sprinkle Hemp seeds or ground Flaxseeds

Note: do not add banana if you're on a low glycemic or anti-candida protocol

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