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My First Reiki Session and what I learned from it.

Have you ever tried Reiki? How was your experience?

I’ve always been interested in energy work, so I wanted to do this interview to ask some nagging questions and to share with those who are curious. Thanks to Marie-Claude Simard (Reiki Master) for answering my questions and giving me a short sample of reiki healing. See video below for the interview, and if you just want to follow the session, try out the video below the next.

***What I know for sure: When you want to heal from any kind of pain, negative energies held in the body, illness, chronic disease or mental health challenges, the journey needs to include both the physical, and non-physical. This is because our bodies encompass different types of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Healing in a holistic and sustainable way means that you address all of these aspects of yourself – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. ***What I learned from Reiki: We often hear about supporting the gut with nutrition, and supplements, but how do you ensure your gut and brain communication is well connected? Well, Reiki helps to open these channels through universal energy, so that your brain (filled with logic and programmed beliefs) doesn’t fight with your gut instincts, nor dismiss your heart’s wisdom.. instead, they will work together to be more aligned so that you don’t ignore any part of your body’s wisdom and intuition.

Since we often live in our heads and we are trained to suppress or negate our emotions, Reiki can help to surface the energies that are suppressed and to open up the channels of communications in our body. The Gut to the Brain.. the Heart to the Brain, and so much more. So that we feel whole and totally at ease .. imagine no conflicting thoughts or energies in our bodies.. how much clarity and potential energy can be harnessed without resistance inside of us?! We can really be unstoppable when we're clear and decisive about something. We are wonderful manifestors and creators when we truly believe and take massive, decisive action.

Reiki's primary effect is relaxation.. and in that state of higher vibration, you allow your body to heal.

The other effect is that you become more aware and connected to universal loving energy and the sense of oneness.

See video below for Interview (includes a short sample of the Reiki session):

Some tips to benefit from the energy healing is to:

  • drink some water just before you start,

  • sit or lie down in a quiet environment,

  • take some deep breaths

  • set an intention for the practice.

So for example, I had drank some Vitex tea at the beginning of our session to help support my period and she asked that I set the intention for the Vitex to work better. You can do the same if you're taking treatment, or simply while eating a meal.. set the intention for the food to give you the highest form of energy and for your body to absorb its nutrients effectively.

See video below for the 20 minute Reiki healing and guided meditation:

The more people become aware of our oneness in all things through this universal energy, the more we will collectively raise the vibration for the human race and the planet earth. The natural outcome when we are connected and aware of our oneness, would be a desire to do good for each other, our planet, and for oneself. If we all carried this mentality, together, we would make this world a better place!

Wishing you a happy, healing journey!



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